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All About ARTstor: Searching ARTstor

This guide will show users how to perform basic functions in the ARTstor database.

Search Options

  • You can do a simple keyword search by typing a word into the search box. Searching by keyword will search every field in every image available in ARTstor.
  • Clicking "Advanced Search" will give you more options to make your search as specific as you would like.

The advanced search link is under the search box on the Artstor home page.

In the advanced search you can search by keyword,  geography, classification (generally refers to medium), date or date range, or collection. You DO NOT need to enter keywords in the advanced search, but can merely check off categories and date ranges to return a group of images.

Screenshot of ARTstor advanced search options

Filtered Searching

After you do a search, you can easily limit your results by classification (medium), geographic location, or date.

Limits by classification, geography and date are on the left side of the search results.