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WRIT 1110: Seminar in Academic Writing: Home

The resources listed on this page will help you to become familiar with your University Libraries at BGSU.


The resources on this guide are meant to help WRIT 1110 students learn more about using academic libraries (generally) and BGSU's Jerome Library and some of its resources and services (more specifically).

How do academic libraries work?

Academic libraries subscribe to and purchase a variety of sources in a variety of formats to support research and teaching needs of students and faculty on campus. These include: 

  • books and eBooks
  • scholarly journals
  • magazines
  • trade publications
  • newspapers
  • specialized encyclopedias
  • streaming video
  • archives and special collections

See the "Types of sources" tab for more information.

Many these materials are organized into databases online, which are tools one can use to search within them. See the "How to search for articles" tab for more information.