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Comics and Graphic Novels: Finding Graphic Novels

Find out what the BPCL has in comics/graphic novels and how to find them!

Catalog Searches

What is manga?

Manga (pronounced "mahngah"), first coined in 1814, is a term for Japanese comics/cartoons.

Manga graphic novels are usually in black and white in a small, paperback size.  They are to be read right to left, beginning at the "back" of the book, but are in English (here in the U.S.).  Various subjects are covered.

Searching the Catalogs for Books

To find books, you can search the three main catalogs:

  • BGSU Libraries Catalog -- contains books, magazines and journals, videos, music, electronic resources that are owned by BGSU. Almost all of them are located on campus, with some located at the Firelands campus library and the Northwest Ohio Regional Book Depository (those can be requested).

  • OhioLINK Central Catalog -- contains books, videos, music, electronic resources from academic and some large public libraries in Ohio. Request online, delivery to Jerome Main Circulation desk in 2-3 business days.

  • WorldCat Catalog -- tens of thousands of academic, public, and special libraries internationally. Got some time, and can't find it in OhioLINK? You can request things not owned by BGSU or OhioLINK via interlibrary loan -- average delivery time is 17 days. It's best to get help from a reference librarian to make sure there's not a faster way to get what you need.

How to find graphic novels

Graphic Novels

The BPCL has thousands of graphic novels in its collection and it keeps growing.  Below are some ideas for finding graphic novels.

Graphic novels in the BPCL are cataloged as separate items, like books are.  Individual authors/artists usually are searchable.  There are also a number of graphic novels and books on how to use them in the Curriculum Resouce Center.

Searching by character - example

Searching by author/artist - example

How to find Manga

Reference Books on graphic novels

This is a select list of reference books on graphic novels.