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Fanzines: Finding Zines at the ML/BSSA

Browsing the ML/BSSA Music Fanzines by Title

Currently, the contents of the music fanzine collection are not indexed. In the future, you will be able to search zines for specific content. (See "Other Ways to Search for Specific Zine Content"  in the left column for more details.) You can search by title for specific zines in the BGSU Libraries Catalog.

To browse all music fanzine titles through the BGSU Libraries Catalog,  perform the following steps:

1. From the main search screen, select the "Numbers" tab. With this step, you are choosing to search by call number (rather than by title).


2. In the Numbers search screen, click the "Local Call" tab to search by local call number. With this step, you are choosing to view call numbers assigned to items specifically by the BGSU Library (rather than by Library of Congress call number, ISBN, et cetera).


3. Type the word FANZINES in the search box. You will notice that there is a pull-down menu directly below the search box. You can use this pull-down menu to sort the results. It may be helpful to sort by title (so you can browse the titles alphabetically) or to sort by year (so you can browse the titles by publication year.)

4. Click the blue "Submit" button to see the search results.

5. When you have found the zine or zines you would like to view, write down the zine title and volume or issue number. Zines are available for library use through the Music Listening Center on the 3rd floor of Jerome Library.

Other Ways to Search for Specific Zine Content

The ML/BSSA staff is currently working on a full index of music fanzine contents. Until it is completed, you can browse the content of the zines by title through our in-progress Google Docs Spreadsheet.

Since music fanzines often feature band and artist interviews, recording reviews, and show reviews, our efforts to index the zines have focused primarily on this type of content. If you are looking for fanzine articles on a specific band or artist, you can perform a "Find" command in order to find references to a specific artist.

Each entry will tell you the type of content (artist interview, recording review, artist feature, show review) and the zine title and issue in which the content appears.

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