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AMPD (Apparel Merchandising and Product Development): Scholarly Journal Articles

This page is designed to assist BGSU students enrolled in AMPD classes with their research

What's a scholarly or peer-reviewed article?


Assignments may ask you to find scholarly and peer reviewed articles. These items:

  •  generally focus on scholarly research
  •  are written by experts in the field or discipline
  •  are critically reviewed by other experts before publication
  •  contain cited references to the information sources used

Finding Scholarly Research Articles

Library databases contain scholarly or peer reviewed articles & allow you to limit your search to include only these articles in the results.  

Either use the advanced search feature to find the option to limit to scholarly or peer-reviewed or look for a limiter option (left side of screen) after running your search.

For more information on scholarly, popular and trade publications, visit the Journals and Magazines LibGuide.

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