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AMPD (Apparel Merchandising and Product Development): Company Information

This page is designed to assist BGSU students enrolled in AMPD classes with their research

Resources for Company Information

Try these databases for company information.   For a more complete listing of company resources, consult:   Company Information Research Guide.

Selected Websites Covering the Retail Industry & Stores

Using Company Web Sites for Company Research

Searching a company website can provide a wealth of information for company research:

  • The Annual Report (includes info such as financials, year-in-review, martketing strategies
  • Product and Brand Information
  • Study how the company is promoting itself.  What image are they trying to convey on their site?
  • And much more!

Look for this information by following links such as "About Us" or "About the Company" or "Investor Information" or "Investors"

When is relying on a company website NOT a good idea for company research?

  • You're researching a company's weaknesses or problems or negative issue.   The company will spin this type of information in the most positive light and will not provide an unbiased analysis.
  • You want an unbiased analysis of how the company is doing financially.