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AMPD (Apparel Merchandising and Product Development): Consumer Research

This page is designed to assist BGSU students enrolled in AMPD classes with their research

Consumer Research (Target Markets) Databases & Websites

E-books for Target Market Analysis

Who's Buying Apparel: (2012)   Examines how much Americans spend on apparel by the demographics that count—age, income, high-income households, household type, race and Hispanic origin, region of residence, and education

Consumer Behavior (2016)  Market research report summarizes current research on why consumers buy and how to influence their purchasing. The handbook presents insight on demographics, including the Hispanic, African-American, Asian-American, Baby Boomer, Generation X, Millennial, Gay & Lesbian, and Affluent consumer 

Household Spending: Who Spends How Much on What (2012)  Chapter 2 tables detail information on who spends what on apparel.

Best Customers: Demographics of Consumer Demand (2012)  Chapter 2 tables focus on apparel spending.

Market Share Reporter (2011)  Locate info on which companies and brands hold the most market share (i.e. Visa holds 60% of the world credit card market.)