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Vocal Music and Songs: Background Information

Guide to finding vocal music, including songs in anthologies, in the music library



Use the "Song Index" tabs above for instructions on how to find songs in anthologies.

Background Information


This guide is intended to assist the vocalist in locating print copies of specific songs as well as translations of songs. When searching for a recording of a song in the online catalog, first try searching by title. If that search is not successful, try a word search.

Searching for scores of songs is sometimes not as simple. Some art songs and popular songs in multi-composer collections have been listed individually in the BGSU Libraries Catalog. Searching for songs in these collections is similar to searching for recordings. Many others, however, have not been cataloged individually in the BGSU Libraries Catalog, which means that you cannot search for these songs by individual title.  For these, you'll need a song index.  Click on the tabs above to get started with instructions on using these valuable reference resources.


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