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Television Resources in the BPCL: Home

Come in and find out what we have, because we love television, watching it and reading about it!

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We're on the 4th floor of Jerome Library.

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The Story of TelevisionThis is a guide for using television resources located in the Browne Popular Culture Library.  Enjoy!

How to Use the BPCL

  • Our hours are more limited than the main floor, but we're open late on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.
  • We're an archive/repository, so most of our materials cannot be checked out.
  • Most of our collection is not open for browsing. You need to request materials at our reference desk with your university ID or a photo ID. You will also need to fill out a request form.
  • The reference collection is open for browsing! It's the best place to get started with popular culture research.
  • We have a copier available for copying materials that cannot be checked out - you just need a BG1 card. A scanner is also available, but at no charge.