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Piano and Keyboard Music Resources

A guide to information about and music for the piano

Browsing for Piano Music

These are the areas in the Library of Congress Classification System where you will find piano and keyboard scores. You can browse the shelves in these sections or browse via the online catalog by Library of Congress call number.


Call Number Description
M20-M32 Music for piano alone
M21 Collections of keyboard music
M22 Collections of piano music
M23 Sonatas
M24 Suites
M25 Character pieces
M26 Music for the left hand
M27 Variations
M30 Dances
M32 Waltzes
M33-M39 Arrangements and transcriptions for piano
M200-M204 Piano, 4 hands
M207-M213 Arrangements for 4-hand piano
M214-M216 2-piano music
M300s-900s Chamber Music
M1010 Piano with orchestra (full score)
M1011 Piano with orchestra (2-piano reduction)
M1110 Piano with string orchestra (full score)
M1111 Piano with string orchestra (2-piano reduction)


Books and Methods 

Call Number Description
ML128.P3 Piano music–Bibliography
ML132.P3 Piano music–Graded lists
ML650-ML747 General: history and construction; music and playing
MT220-MT258 Piano techniques (including teaching materials)
MT745-MT758 Instruction and study for children (rarely used)
MT130-MT145 Analytical guides to piano music