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Researching for a literature review: What is a literature review?

How to find other literature reviews

Databases contain published literature reviews or studies that include a literature review. Select databases that relate to your topic and search for "literature review" or simply "review" as a keyword and combine it with your topic keywords to find existing literature reviews.

Although this may provide a starting point to research, never rely on another's literature review to cover all the aspects and unique elements of your own research topic.

Tip for managing research

RefWorks is a tool that stores and saves citation information and will also create bibliographies in different citation and journal formats.

Upload PDFs of articles or your notes to your RefWorks account and never have to carry a flash drive or your laptop to research again.

Create a RefWorks account and view the tutorials to get started today.

Sample literature review

Click on the citation below, open the full text of the article, and scan the contents and structure of the journal article.

Liddle, H. A. (2004). Family-based therapies for adolescent alcohol and drug use: Research contributions and future research needs. Addiction, 99(Suppl.2), 76-92.

Consider the following:

What makes the above article different from an annotated bibliography? 

Sample annotated bibliography:

Chambers, B. (1995). Annotated bibliography. The Academy of Management Review, 20(4), 1108-1111.