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Horn Music Resources

Browsing Horn Call Numbers

These are the areas in the Library of Congress Classification System where you will find horn scores. You can browse the shelves in these sections or browse via the online catalog by Library of Congress call number.


Call Number Description
M 80-84 Solo Horn Music
M 255-259 Horn with Piano Accompaniment
M 289.4 Duets, Two Brass Instruments
M 288-289 Duets, Two Wind Instruments
M 290-291 Duets, One Wind and One String Instrument
M 296-297 Duets, Wind Instrument and Guitar/Harp
M 298 Wind Instrument and Percussion
M300s-M900s Chamber Music
M 1205-1206 Solo Brass Instrument with Band
M 1028-1029 Concertos, Horn with Orchestra
M 1128-1129 Concertos, Horn with String Orchestra



Call Number Description
ML 933 Brass Instruments, History and Criticism
ML 955 Horn History, Construction and Criticism


Methods, Instruction and Study

Call Number Description
MT 418 Brass Instruction and Study 
MT 420-432 Horn Instruction, Methods and Studies
MT 426 Horn Orchestral Excerpts