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Die Cuts: Die Cuts in the CRC

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Want to get more out of the Ellison die cuts?  Try the link below.

Getting Started

How much is a die-cut subscription?

The fee to use the Ellison die cut machine is $10.00 annually (plus tax) for individuals. Community members may purchase a subscription to use this service with a credit card. Those affiliated with BGSU may pay with a credit card or their BG1 card.

BGSU departmental groups of less than 50 may purchase a subscription for $30 annually.

BGSU departmental groups of more than 50 may purchase a subscription for $50 annually.

For departmental subscriptions, please email Jess Mullins a written document on office letterhead with the following information: department code, fund number, account number, program code, names of individuals from the department who will be using the Ellison die-cut machines, and a signature of the person who is the primary contact for the group.

All subscriptions are valid for one year from Aug. 15 to the following Aug. 15.

What do I need to bring?

When you visit, bring your die-cut subscription card and show it to personnel at the CRC circulation desk. You should bring paper and other supplies like glue and markers or crayons.

Can I buy paper in the CRC?

We sell packs of 50 pieces/single color for $2.75 plus tax or packs of 50 pieces/10 different colors for $5.00 plus tax. Single sheets of paper are $0.05 each. We have red, orange, pink, brown, green, blue, white, black, yellow, and purple. 

Can I laminate my die-cut pieces?

We have a hot laminator. Lamination is now available for only $2.00 for the first foot and $1.00 for each additional foot. This 25" laminator is available anytime the CRC is open. Only BG1 or credit cards are accepted.

Do you have a paper cutter?

Yes, our sliding paper cutter is free to use.