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How University Libraries contributes to teaching, learning and research.

UL Data Dashboard

This guide tells the story of how we understand and meet the needs of learners, teachers and researchers who use University Libraries' (UL) resources, services and facility. We feel strongly about asking for patron feedback, regularly analyzing library data in the forms of inputs, outputs and usage data, and monitoring learning through the assessment of student learning outcomes.

Please let the Associate Dean of UL ( know if you have any questions about this guide or suggestions for how to improve it.

Vision Statement

Preserve the Past, Honor the Present, Envision the Future

The University Libraries aspires to become the heart of learning in the BGSU community, by creating a lively gathering place for teachers and learners, and cultivating a well-chosen collection of resources to inspire them.

Mission Statement

The University Libraries supports the Bowling Green State University mission by:

  • advancing scholarship, critical thinking, and creativity for a diverse community of users;
  • building, organizing and maintaining focused collections for academic, creative and research interests; and
  • teaching users to identify, locate, assess, and effectively use a full range of information resources.

Strategic Goals

  1. Actively engage stakeholders in relevant initiatives designed to support teaching, learning and research.

  2. Integrate resources, services and collections in courses, programs, online learning environments and elsewhere as appropriate.

  3. Promote unique collections and initiatives with internal and external audiences to further BGSU’s reputation and to generate revenue opportunities when possible.