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Choral Music

Tips for finding scores of and books about choral music

Browsing Choral Music Call Numbers

These are the areas in the Library of Congress Classification System where you will find vocal music scores. You can browse the shelves in these sections or browse via the online catalog by Library of Congress call number.


Call Number Description
M 1497-1998 Secular Vocal Music
M 1530-1546.5 Choruses with Orchestra or other ensemble
M 1547-1600 Choruses, part-songs, etc., with accompaniment of keyboard or other solo instrument, or unaccompanied
M 1609 Unison choruses
M 1610 Cantatas, choral symphonies, etc., for unaccompanied chorus (secular and sacred) with or without solo voices
M 1999-2199 Sacred Vocal Music
M 2020-2036 Choruses, cantatas, etc.
M 2060-2101.5 Choruses, part-songs, etc., with accompaniment of keyboard or other solo instrument, or unaccompanied
M 2115-2146 Hymnals. Hymn Collections


Call Number Description
ML 132   Graded lists by medium
ML 136-158 Catalogs. Discography
ML 1499-1554 Choral Music
MT 1-960 Musical Instruction and Study
MT 820-915  Singing and vocal technique
MT 825-850  Systems and Methods
MT 855-883   Special Techniques
MT 898-915 Techniques for Children

Searching the Catalog

When searching the BGSU Libraries Catalog, try the following subject headings:

Children's choirs
Choral conducting
Choral music—Bibliography
Choral music—History
Choral music—Instruction and Study
Choral music—Periodicals
Choral music—United States
Choral music—Writing and publishing
Choruses with orchestra
Choruses (Men's voices)
Choruses (Women's voices)
Church music—Bibliography
School music—Instruction and Study