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Growth Mindset Through Picture Books: Lesson Plans

This tab includes examples of how to utilize the picture books with children. More lesson plans to come!

Lesson Plan 1

Scenario: Speech therapy session for a child with a speech sound disorder.  This plan can be used either at the beginning of a session to build rapport or at the end to ensure time for session goals.  


Throughout this almost wordless picture book, a young boy is struggling to catch a baseball.  He keeps trying, and at the end he finally catches it.  As you flip through the pages, ask the child to explain what is happening.  Explain that the character's struggles are similar to the client's struggles with producing certain sounds.  But just as the boy perseveres and eventually catches the baseball, they too will master their sounds with perseverance.

Lesson Plan 2

Scenario: Classroom read aloud for kindergarten through second grade.


In this story Piggie is determined to fly, but Gerald keeps telling her that she will never succeed.  Despite Gerald's discouragement, Piggie keeps a positive attitude and goes in search of someone that can help her fly.  Eventually, she finds a bird who holds her up by a string while flying. 

A few pages into the book, point out the difference between Gerald's discouraging attitude and Piggie's determination to persevere.  Another element of growth mindset in the book is learning from the success of others.  Explain to the class that Piggie is not jealous of duck's ability to fly, and instead graciously accepts the duck's help.