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Research Strategies

  1. Select a piece of property and visit the County Courthouse to learn its legal description and get the list of owners and dates.
  2. You may find it helpful to visit the site in person. What is there now?
  3. Find the property on a map. Use older maps to view the property in times past. What changes are evident?
  4. Learn some of the history of the general area. For example, city and county histories will give you useful background information.
  5. Learn about the people.
    • City and county histories often include biographical information about individuals.
    • Look for obituaries of property owners.
    • Consult Probate Court records about wills, marriages, births.
    • Check the Federal Census for the families.
    • Check city and county directories for information about the people and indications of property use.
  6. Learn about the property.
    • Check gazetteers for geographical and geological information.
    • If your parcel was formerly part of a larger property, trace the owners and history of the larger parcel.
    • Check reappraisement records for physical description of buildings on the property, over time. (You need the township and legal description of the property to do this)
    • Review the list of other public records available, both at the Center for Archival Collections and at the Courthouse to fill in needed information.

Bibliography of Selected Print Sources


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pUA 1411 - Bowling Green State University. Land Inventory. Bowling Green, Ohio: BGSU, 1972. Lists land acquired by the university, date, from whom acquired, and legal description

pOG 3479 1994 - Burke, Thomas Aquinas. Ohio Lands: A Short History.[Columbus]: Ohio Auditor of State, n.d.

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Main Library:

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NW Depository:

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