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Chicago Manual of Style: Citing Manuscript Collections

This guide provides basic information on the citation formats used in the Chicago Manual of Style. More detailed information is available in the print copies of the Chicago Manual of Style as referenced on the Home page of this LibGuide.

Basic Manuscript Collection Citation


Title or description of item, Date of the item, Title of the manuscript collection, Number of the item, Name of the depository.



Title of the collection or author of the items in the collection. Name of the depository.


NOTE: If the item is from an online archive or depository, add the url at the end of the citation.

Example Individual Item in a Manuscript Collection


     8. Children's Workbook, n.d., Woman's Christian Temperance Union (Amsden, Ohio), Bowling Green State University Library.



Woman's Christian Temperance Union (Amsden, Ohio). Papers. Bowling Green State University Library.