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Writing an Annotated Bibliography: Test Instruments

How to write an annotated bibliography

Test Instruments

All Databases > Tests and Test Reviews

Identifying or using test instruments, such as surveys or questionnaires, may be a necessary part of methodology. The following databases may help identify tests; finding the entire test may require additional steps or costs.

ERIC [Education database]

Keyword search for topic (uncheck Search words in thesaurus if necessary). From the results list, select All Limit Options. On the next screen, under Publication Type, scroll to and select Tests/Questionnaires.

Click here to view a 1 minute video on finding Tests/Questionnaires in ERIC.

ETS Test Collection

Index of published instruments, including non-commercially available tests.

Click the tab "Find a Test," search for topic, click on a test this is of interest and look at the "Availability" field of the test. If one of the following statements is present, the instrument is available in our library (see a reference librarian for assistance, or Ask Us!):

  • Tests in Microfiche (BGSU owns 1975 to present)
  • ERIC Document # (available through ERIC database)
  • Citation to a journal article (check BGSU Libraries Catalog for journal availability)

Mental Measurements Yearbook with Tests in Print

The Mental Measurements Yearbook contains information about and reviews of English-language standardized tests back to 1978. It is cross-searchable with Tests in Print, which contains information about all currently in-print and commercially available tests, including what they measure, where to find them, and reviews.

Searchable together, Mental Measurements Yearbook with Tests in Print allows users to identify tests and view their availability or order information at the same time.

PsycINFO [Psychology database]

Keyword search for topic and click Show Limit Options, select Tests and Measures.

OR: Keyword search for topic, then review results to see if they provide details about the instrument used to conduct the study.

Want to see how to search this database? Click here to view a video produced by APA on finding Tests and Measures in PsycINFO.

Click here to view an APA video on finding methodology in PsycINFO.