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Troubleshooting: For Library Staff

Can't log in? Can't access full text? Here are tips for solving common problems using library resources.

Staff Resources

Questions you can ask library users to help troubleshoot access problems:

  1. What happens when you click on this link?
  2. What happens when you click on this link? (login will be your ID number and last name)
  3. What happens if you start at and do a search in Summon? Can you access full text?
  4. What happens if you use the “Off Campus” login link on our home page and log in to your library account BEFORE searching?
  5. What operating system and browser are you using? Do you have a different experience if you use a different browser?
  6. If you're seeing an error message, what does it say?

When troubleshooting:

  1. Find out exactly what the library patron is trying to access. (Is it a specific database? A specific article in a search results screen?)
  2. Find out exactly HOW the library patron is trying to access it. (Did she come through our home page? Summon search? direct link?)
  3. Can YOU get to the resource if you try going to it the same way?
  4. If so, what is different about you and the user reporting the problem? Is she off campus? On the wireless network? Using a different browser than you are? Being asked to log in?
  5. Is there another way to get to the item the patron is trying to access? For articles, go through the Journals by Title list. For databases, use the "alternate access" link in the resource record or the OhioLINK website.
  6. Fulfill the patron's need. Can you suggest a resource other than the one that isn't working? Can you supply the item he or she is unable to access?
  7. Refer the problem. Report it via email to Sonia, Linda, and Mark at If it is an online chat, copy your chat transcript. Include the patron's email address if he or she would like a followup email.

E-Resources Staff

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