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Tuba and Euphonium Music Resources

A guide to finding tuba and euphonium music in the catalog and in the library, as well as strategies for finding information about the tuba and euphonium.

Searching by Format

When searching for a specific score, recording, book or DVD, the most essential step any music library user must take is to designate the Material Type in the Library Catalog's Advanced Search menu:


Using this feature allows you narrow your search to ONE TYPE of item so you can browse through broad searches more easily, or improve the accuracy of refined search results.

Scores: Subject Search Terms

Try these terms in a SUBJECT Search to find specific Tuba and Euphonium scores:

Sample subject headings for solo tuba or euphonium music: 

Sonatas (tuba) or (euphonium)
Suites (tuba) or (euphonium)
Variations (tuba) or (euphonium)
Tuba music
Euphonium music

Sample subject headings for music for tuba or euphonium and piano:

Rondos (tuba and piano) or (euhonium and piano)
Sonatas (tuba and piano) or (euhonium and piano)
Suites (tuba and piano) or (euhonium and piano)
Variations (tuba and piano) or (euhonium and piano)
Tuba and piano music
Euphonium and piano music

Sample subject headings for duets:

Tuba music (tubas (2))
Tuba and [other instrument] music
Euphonium and [other instrument] music

Sample subject headings for chamber ensembles:

Brass trios
Brass quartets
Brass quintets
Brass sextets
Brass octets

Subject headings for tuba or euphonium and orchestra:

Concertos (tuba) or (euphonium)
Concertos (tuba) or (euphonium) -- solo with piano
Tuba with orchestra
Euphonium with orchestra
Rondos (tuba with orchestra) or or (euphonium with orchestra)

Author and Title Searching

To find books, recordings, or scores (printed music) by a specific composer, try an AUTHOR search of the individual's name (Last, First).

Or try a TITLE search of the composition or song.



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Books: Subject Search Terms

Books for Tuba

Tuba -- Construction

Tuba -- Methods

Tuba -- Instruction and Study

Tuba -- Orchestra Studies

Tuba -- Studies and Exercises

Tuba music -- Bibliography

Books for Euphonium

Euphonium -- History

Euphonium -- History and criticism

Euphonium -- Studies and exercises

Euphonium music -- Bibliography

Geneneral Brass Books

Brass Instruments

Brass Instrument -- Instruction and Study

Brass Instruments -- Methods

Don't Forget About OhioLINK

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