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Newspapers: Finding Current and Historical Newspapers: Historical Newspaper Databases

Databases and online sources for finding both current and historical newspapers.

Databases with Full Text Historical Newspapers

These databases are available onlly to students, faculty and staff of Bowling Green State University and walk-in users.

Looking for Another Database?

If you're looking for a database that isn't on this list, look at our list of approximately 250 databases.  You'll find the complete list on the Research Databases page.


African American Newspapers 1827-1998

We have added perpetual access to Readex's database African American Newspapers 1827-1998

The full text of approximately 270 U.S. newspapers from more than 35 states dating from 1827 to 1998 and published by African Americans.

This database includes newspapers such as Freedom's Journal - the first African American newspaper published in the United States - New York Age, L'Union (Louisiana), and the Cleveland Gazette.For a description of some of the major titles in this database, see Key Titles in African American Newspapers 1827-1998.

It provides primary source material covering the African American experience across a wide range of important historical events as well as cultural, literary and social history. Titles were digitized from the collections of the Wisconsin Historical Society, the Kansas State Historical Society, the Library of Congress, and other important archives.


Accessible Archives

We have access to the following newspapers from the Accessible Archives database:

  • Pennsylvania Gazette, 1728-1800
  • Virginia Gazette, 1736-1780

South Carolina newspapers 1732-1780:

  • South Carolina Gazette, 1732-1775
  • Gazette of the State of South-Carolina, 1777-1780
  • South Carolina Gazette & Country Journal, 1765-1775
  • South Carolina & American General Gazette, 1777-1780
  • Charlestown Gazette, 1778-1780

African American Newspapers: The 19th Century, 1827-1902

  • Freedom's Journal (New York), 1827-1829
  • The Colored American (Weekly Advocate) (New York), 1837-1841
  • The North Star (Rochester, NY), 1847-1851
  • The National Era (Washington, DC), 1847-1860
  • Provincial Freeman (Chatham, Canada West), 1854-1857
  • Frederick Douglass Paper (Rochester, NY), 1851-1863 (currently incomplete)
  • Douglass Monthly, 1859-1863
  • The Christian Recorder (Philadelphia), 1861-1902

The Liberator, 1831-1865

National Anti-Slavery Standard, still under development -- will include 1840-1870 when finished

The Lily, 1849-1856 (temperance & women's rights)

Frank Leslie's Weekly, still under development -- will include 1852-1922 when finished

The Civil War, pt. 1: A Newspaper Perspective

  • Charleston Mercury, 1860-1865 (not all articles are included)
  • New York Herald, 1860-1865 (not all articles are included)
  • Richmond Enquirer, 1860-1865 (not all articles are included)

The Civil War, pt. 4: A Midwestern Perspective (Indiana newspapers)

  • Vincennes Gazette, 1855-1869
  • Vincennes Times, 1865-1866
  • Vincennes Western Sun, 1856-1869
  • Stars & Stripes, 1862
  • The Old Post Union, 1862
  • Vincennes Courant, 1855-1856
  • News of the Day, 1855-1857

Pennsylvania Newspaper Record: Delaware County, 1819-1870

  • Delaware County American
  • Delaware County Republican
  • The Upland Union
  • Delaware County Democrat
  • The Post Boy