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Oboe Music Resources

Guide for finding oboe music as well as books and periodicals about the oboe and reed making

Tips for Searching the Online Catalog


  • A keyword search searches almost every word in a catalog record.
  • It can be a handy way to get started (searching with composer’s name and opus number, for instance) but learning some other searching strategies can make your search more efficient and cut down on irrelevant results.


  • Do an author search for composers and/or performers.
  • Enter authors’ names in indirect order (last name, first).


  • Subject searches use “controlled vocabulary,” an established set of terms that describe the contents of a library object.
  • Starting a search with these established terms can cut down on your search time and improve your results.
  • These subject headings are used for both scores and recordings.


Sample subject headings for solo oboe music: 

Sonatas (oboe)
Suites (oboe)
Variations (oboe)
Oboe music

Sample subject headings for music for oboe and piano:

Rondos (oboe and piano)
Sonatas (oboe and piano)
Suites (oboe and piano)
Variations (oboe and piano)
Oboe and piano music

Sample subject headings for duets:

Oboe music (bassoon (2))
Saxophone and oboe music
Flute and oboe music
Horn and oboe music
Oboe and oboe music
Horn and oboe music      

Sample subject headings for trios:

Woodwind trios [various combinations]
Wind trios

Sample subject headings for quartets:

Woodwind quartets [various combinations]
Suites [various combinations of instruments]
Variations [various combinations of instruments]

Subject headings for oboe and orchestra:

Concertos (oboe)
Concertos (oboe) — solo with piano
Oboe with orchestra
Rondos (oboe with orchestra)


  • Limit your search by format (sound recording, score, DVD, etc.) to improve results.
  • In a keyword search, apply limits at the beginning of your search.
  • In all other searches, click on “Limit & Sort Search” after you have retrieved results to limit your search.