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MKT 4600: Marketing Management: RefWorks

This guide was created to support library research for developing a marketing plan.

What is RefWorks?

RefWorks is a citation management tool used to organize information, providing a place to save pdfs and citations when conducting research.  Students can use RefWorks to create a personal database or folder of citations to books, articles, websites, and more and automatically format bibliographies in a variety of citation styles.  Students working in groups can create and share a RefWorks folder, keeping all information sources together in one place.   

BGSU University Libraries subscribes to RefWorks, but it is just one of many such tools.  Some researchers love RefWorks, while others prefer using other products, some of which are freely available.  When approaching a research project, students should choose the tool that works best for their particular project and the members in their group.

Learning About RefWorks

Sharing a Folder for a Group Project

Steps for setting up a shared RefWorks folder for student group work.

  1. Each student must create an individual RefWorks account
  2. One member of the group (team leader) creates a folder within RefWorks for the team to use.
  3. The team leader shares the folder with all team members (enters emails) and gives full access to modify folder contents.
  4. All team members must log in to RefWorks and accept access or join the shared folder.