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Keep Teaching: Community-Based Learning: Online CBL Activities

Resources to support faculty teaching CBL courses

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The Center for Public Impact has curated some opportunities and resources below for you to continue to serve the public good.

Moving Community-Based Learning Online

  • First and foremost, communicate with your community partner to identify the needs of everyone involved are work together to ensure these needs are met to the best of your ability.

  • Consider what technology could enable your students to continue service (phone, online meeting software, email, video, etc.).

  • What can be done online? This is by no means an exhaustive list.

    • schedule a virtual meeting or phone call with your community partner and your students to discuss how COVID-19 impacts the organization and the community they serve
    • assist organizations with their response to clients or community to communicate information about disruption of programs and services because of COVID-19
    • conduct background research or gathering best practices or other information requested by the partner [Librarians are available virtually to assist with this. See the "support" tab to identify which subject specialist to contact.]
    • recording or streaming performances or workshops to benefit community partners
    • creating digital or other social media content, print program materials, or other methods for information sharing
    • assessment, evaluation, or feedback via phone or web-based services
    • continuation of ongoing projects in a modified version based on community partner needs, which may involve more reflection or processing opportunities with community partners utilizing phone or webinar platforms
    • consider incorporating learning opportunities to better understand the intersections of current course material and global health issues. You can pose reflection questions in your online format to explore the economic, political, cultural, and social connections as another way to reinforce community and civic engagement as part of your community-based learning course.
    • use discussion boards for reflection activities (see Reflection Resources box below)


  • Get some advice from those who have been teaching online social action courses for years

Reflection Resources

Activities and Games