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ART 1020: Surface & Process: Research Questions for Studio Artists

What is a research question?

A research question is the focused and specific question you are trying to answer in your project. It can take the following formula:

  • How did/does [variable 1] affect [variable 2] in [population]?
    How dId the COVID-19 pandemic affect mental health in college students?

But it is not required to take this formula. Other formulas:

  • What is the effect of [variable 1] on [activity] in [population]?
    What is the effect of climate change on food availability for polar bears?
  • What is the effect of [variable 1] vs. [variable 2] on [population]?
    What is the effect of cancel culture vs. callout culture on politically active teens?
  • Does [variable 1] have a significant effect on [variable 2] in [population]?
    Does anxiety have a significant effect on procrastination in college students?

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