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CRJU 3300: Juvenile Justice Subsystems: Academic sources

Introduction to academic sources

Academic sources, in this case, are articles written by and for scholars who study juvenile delinquency or juvenile justice topics. The authors of the articles have conducted their own original research study, and they report the results of that study in the article. They submit these articles to be published by a scholarly journal in their field.

Not all articles published in journals are research articles; therefore, not all articles published in journals would fit the scope of this assignment. The handout below describes different types of articles so you know what clues to look for as you're deciding which articles to choose.

In-class activity

1. Find an article about the school to prison pipeline in one of the approved journals. (Hint: Use option 1 below)

2. Find an article about juvenile court in the journal Criminology & Public Policy. (Hint: Use option 2 below)

How to find articles published in one of the approved journals

1. Begin at the BGSU Libraries home page [linked at the bottom of this box]

2. Search for keywords related to your topic in the EBSCO tab

3. Use the "publication" filter in the left navigation menu

4. Select "show more" at the bottom of the list

screenshot of the publication filter in EBSCO databases with an arrow pointing to "show more" at the bottom of the list

4. Mark the check box next to one of the titles from the list of approved journals from your assignment.

5. Look through the articles in your list. If option 1 doesn't work, move on to option 2.

 1. Begin at the BGSU Libraries home page [linked at the bottom of this box] and select the "Journals by title" link underneath the search box.

Screenshot of "journals by title" link on the BGSU Libraries web site

2. Search for the title of the journal.

3. If BGSU has a subscription, you will see one or more options for accessing the journal. Each link for access include the dates covered.

Screenshot of options to access Journal of family violence

4. Select the option that covers the widest range of dates. Or if one access link doesn't work for some reason, try a different one.

5. Look for an option to "search within this publication"

Screenshot of search within this publication option in EBSCO databases

Screenshot of Search Within This Journal option in OhioLINK's Electronic Journal Center

6. Add keywords related to your topic to the search.

To ensure you have access to BGSU subscriptions while using Google Scholar, follow one of these two steps:

1. Begin at the BGSU Library web site, click on "all databases" and select Google Scholar from our list of databases.


2. Begin at Click on the menu at the top left (three horizontal parallel lines). Select "settings". Select "library links" and search for BGSU if it isn't showing up automatically.

To find articles in one of the approved journals

1. Click on the menu at the top left (three horizontal parallel lines)

2. Select "Advanced Search"

3. Add keywords to describe your topic

4. In the field labeled "return articles published in", add the name of one of the approved journals

Select and combine keywords for your search

Combine main concepts as keywords

Select keywords that describe your research topic and combine them with words that describe the population


"restorative justice" AND juvenile

"drug courts" AND juvenile

Refine your search

If your results do not already include reports, data, statistics, papers or briefs, add these keywords to your existing search.


"restorative justice" AND juvenile AND (data OR statistics OR report OR paper OR brief)

"drug courts" AND juvenile AND (data OR statistics)


Citing Academic Sources (Journal Articles)

Assignment 4

Approved journals

  • Criminology
  • Justice Quarterly
  • Journal of Criminology (ISSN: 2090-7753)
  • Youth Violence & Juvenile Justice
  • Journal of Family Violence
  • Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency
  • Journal of Youth and Adolescence
  • Crime & Delinquency
  • Criminology & Public Policy
  • Journal of Criminal Justice
  • American Journal of Criminal Justice
  • Criminal Justice and Behavior
  • Journal of Quantitative Criminology
  • Social Forces
  • American Journal of Sociology
  • American Sociological Review
  • Social Problems
  • Deviant Behavior
  • Social Science Research