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Tuba and Euphonium Music Resources: Browsing the Shelves

A guide to finding tuba and euphonium music in the catalog and in the library, as well as strategies for finding information about the tuba and euphonium.

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Call Numbers for Browsing Books

Brass Instruments

  ML 933 History and Criticism

  ML 418 Instruction and Study


   MT 465 Studies and Exercises


   MT 466, MT 486 Orchestra Studies

   MT 485, MT 497 Studies and Exercises

   MT 482 Methods

Fire Breathing Tuba!

Image from Flickr by fairlybuoyent

Call Numbers for Browsing Scores

Image by Tubaist from WikiMedia Commons.

Solos and Duets

M95-99 Solo Tuba Music
M264-265 Tuba with Piano
M289.4 Duets, Two Brass Instruments
M288-289 Duets, Two Wind Instruments
M290-291 Duets, One Wind and One String Instrument
M296-297 Wind Instrument and Guitar/Harp
M298 Wind Instrument and Percussion
M300s-900s Chamber Music
M1134 Concertos, Tuba or Euphonium with String Orchestra
M1135 Concertos, Tuba or Euphonium with String Orchestra (piano reductions)
M1205-1206 Solo Instrument with Band
M1247 Marches



ML 418 Brass Instruments: Instruction and Study
ML 933 Brass Instruments: History and Criticism
MT 465 Euphonium: Studies and Exercises
MT 466; MT 486 Tuba: Orchestra Studies
MT 485; MT 497 Tuba: Studies and Exercises
MT 482 Tuba: Methods

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This guide was created by Liz Tousey, former Music Library Student and Circulation Supervisor.