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War Relocation Authority Documents: Home

This guide to resources on the War Relocation Authority is a companion to the War Relocation Authority Digital Collection, a project of the Government Documents Roundtable of Ohio.

Government Documents Round Table of Ohio

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Government Documents Round Table of Ohio

GODORT of Ohio is an organization that promotes the use of government documents from all levels of government as well as to advocate the free public access to this information.

The War Relocation Authority Digital Collection is publically available at

GODORT of Ohio War Relocation Authority Digital Collection

We now have thirty items in this collection, which represents holdings of WRA documents from around the State of Ohio. This does not represent a complete collection of WRA documents; we hope to add more items to this collection as we locate or create digital surrogates for additional WRA publications.

The materials in the collection were published between 1942 and 1946 by the War Relocation Authority, Department of the Interior, and document the removal of Japanese and Japanese Americans as ordered by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in February 1942. Nearly 120,000 individuals would eventually be moved to ten isolated centers in remote parts of Arkansas, California, Colorado, Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming.

The collection is found at:

This LibGuide contains links to related resources about the War Relocation Authority.

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