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Alternative and Underground Press Publications: Subject Index

Examine the social and cultural history of the 1960s, 1970s, and subsequent decades.

Subject Index

Please note: The category groupings in this guide are not definitive. If a title falls under a specific category, this does not mean it contains only information on that subject. Many papers, especially those under the “Community-Oriented” listing, cover a wide variety of topics.

Anti-Communist/White Supremacist

The CDL Report; Common Sense; The Councilor; Fiery Cross; Independent American; The Patriotic Press, Statecraft; The Thunderbolt; White Power

Arts and Entertainment

Ann Arbor Sun; Avatar; The Buddhist 3rd Class Junkmail Oracle; Caricature; Cleveland After Dark; Collage; Crazy Paper; East Village Other; The Funny Papers; Helix; Inter/View; Other Scenes; Planet; The Rag; Reader; Second City; Soho News; The Sunday Paper; Village Voice


American Mass Line; American Student; Ann Arbor Argus; Avatar; Challenge; Gramma; International Socialist; Liberated Guardian; The Militant; The Movement; New America; New Left Notes; News & Letters; Old Mole; Palante; The Patriot; The People's America Daily News; The Plain Rapper; Reconstruction; Red Mole; The Spectacle; THV; Touch : White Panther Party Intercommunal News Service; Undercurrent; View From the Bottom; Walrus; Weekly People; Worker's Power; Workers Vanguard; Young Spartacus

Community Oriented

Abas; All You Can Eat; Ann Arbor Sun; Boston Community News; Bugle American; The Capital Reporter; Chrysalis; Columbus Free Press; Dock of the Bay; Door; East Village Other; Fifth Estate; Gimme Shelter; Independent Eye; Kent Dragonfire; Long Beach Free Press; LSD; Madison Kaleidoscope; Metro; Miami Free Press; New York Free Press; Northcoast Ripshaw; The People, Yes; Provincial Press; Queen City Express; Razzberry; St. Louis Free Press; San Diego Door; San Diego Free Door to Liberation; San Francisco Free Press; Soho News; Spokane Natural; Street Journal; The Sun; Syracuse Sun; Village Voice; Washington Free Press; Washington Park Spirit

Drug Oriented

Grass Roots Gazette; High Ideals; Hooka Notes; Marijuana Report; Pterodactyl; The Report; Saturday Evening Bust


Chicago Teacher; Outside the Net


Clear Creek; Earth Times; Spokane Natural

Ethnic/Minority/Special Interest

AAPA (Asian); Akwesasne Notes (Native American); The Black Liberator; The Black Panther; The Black Times; Bread, Peace and Land (Multi); Jewish Liberation Journal; Minority Report; Muhammad Speaks; New Morning; Palante; The Plain Truth; Rising Up Angry; U.S. Farm news (agricultual interests); La Voz del Pueblo; Warpath (Native American); Wassaja (Native American); Worker's World (race relations in labor)


The Carleton; Georgia Straight; Gramma; Guerilla; Octopus; Palante; The Peak; Red Mole; South Vietnam in Struggle; The Streaking Times


Advocate; Fag Rag; Gay; Gay Sunshine; Gay Times

High School

Iowa City Oppressed Citizen; New York Free Press; Right On


Alternatives! Foundation Newsletter; Aquarius; Astral Projection; Atlantis; Avatar; Canyon Collective; Haight-Ashbury Free Press; Helix; Morning Glory; Natural Life Styles; New Morning (Berkeley); Oracle of Southern California; Orpheus; The Paper; San Francisco Oracle; The Seed; Westport Trucker


Free Flowing; Free Prairie Press; Freedom News; Iconoclast;The Kudzu; The Streaking Times; Sundaze


Music Month; Planet; San Diego Free Door to Liberation; Second City; The Spectator (article in 1967 issue)


Attitude Check; Berkeley Barb; Berkeley Tribe; Black Panther; The Black Times; The Bond; Burning River Oracle; Caricature; CAW!; Crazy Paper; Crystal City News; Dallas News; Dallas Notes; Dock of the Bay; Druid Free Press; Feast of Fools; Fifth Estate; Free Campus News; Freedom Reader; Good Times; Grass Roots; Great Speckled Bird; Guardian; The Harbinger; Hieronymous; Hooka Notes; In the Heart of the beast; Kaleidoscope; Kent Dragonfire; Leviathan; Long Beach Free Press; Lorain County Free Press; Los Angeles Free Press; LSD; Metro; Michigan Free Press; Middle Earth; New Left Notes; New Mobilizer; New Prairie Primer; New York Herald Tribune; Open City; Outlaw Times; Overthrow; Peace and Freedom; Peacemaker; Peninsula Observer; Pterodactyl; Quicksilver Times; The Rag; Rat: Subterranean News; The Realist; The Resistance; San Diego Free Press; San Francisco Express Times; Second City; Second Coming; Street Journal; Sundance; Take Over; Yipster Times; Zeitgeist


The CDL Report; Hollywood Free Paper; The Liberal Context; Student Action


The B.G. Hemorrhoid; East Village Other; Maverick; National Informer; The Realist; Screw

Student Issues/University Publications

Albatross; The Arena; B.G. Hemorrhoid; The Black Liberator; Brief Candle; Broadside and The Free Press; Campus Underground; Connections; Farabough; Free Campus News; Free Student; High and Mighty; Second Coming; The Spectator; Student Action; Undercurrent

Underground Press Syndicate

Clear Head; Free Ranger Intertribal News Service; Orpheus


Broadside and The Free Press; It Ain't Me Babe; Minority Report; Off Our Backs (See also the Herstory, Women's History Collection, Microfilm Collection for additional titles concerning women's issues.)