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Predatory Journals and Publishers: Is the Journal or Publisher Predatory?

This is a guide that compiles information about predatory journals and publishers, with links to resources that help researchers identify those journals and publishers.

What is a predatory journal?

A predatory journal is one that will accept virtually any article as long as they are paid to publish that article. That doesn't mean that any journal that asks for money to publish an article is a predatory journal. This guide is designed to help you determine whether or not a particular journal is predatory.

Graphic on Evaluating Journals

Think - Check - Submit

Think, check, submit: Choose the right journal for your research

Worried about choosing the right journal to publish your article? Use the checklist at Think - Check - Submit to help you determine if a particular journal is right for you!

Sites You Can Use To Check If a Journal or Publisher is Predatory

NIH Statement on NIH-Funded Research and Reputable Journals