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Photographs: A Unique Memory Keeper

How do you preservHow to save your digital work for the posterity?e your digital photographs?

™Photographs are a unique way to document your life

™Once lost photographs cannot be replaced; moments can be reenacted, but not repeated 

™Most modern photographs are created digitally… like many other digital mediums information can be lost easily

This page will be updated as more information is researched on digital preservation, so be sure to check for updates occassionally!

What is preservation?




 The action of preserving something.

   "the preservation of the city's green spaces“

Synonyms: conservation, protection, care, continuation, maintenance, upholding, sustaining, perpetuation, conserving, bottling, canning, freezing, drying; curing, smoking, pickling

Preservation is taking action to ensure that something survives.  Digital preservation is the action of ensuring that documents created digitally or manipulated into digital form are preserved for the future.  In the past documents, photographs, diaries, and correspondence were created in a physical form, printed on paper; today most documents are created and stored digitally using computers, media storage, and server space.  Documents preserved on paper are physically here, we can touch them, manually handle them, however, digital documents consist of 1s and 0s that are only translatable by a form of technology.  We cannot touch digital documents, but with the correct technology we can view them.  Having the right technology and ensuring that these digital documents are continuously preserved on the correct technology is the difficult part of relying on the digital medium.