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MLA Style, 9th Edition: Home

Use this guide to find resources on MLA Style, 9th ed. and find examples for citing various types of sources.

Using this Guide

Welcome to the MLA Style resources page. MLA is a style of citations and formatting that is created and updated by the Modern Language Association and is most commonly used in the humanities, such as Literature and Philosophy.

In this guide, you'll find sample reference citations for a Works Cited page as well as links to sample citations in-text. Use these pages as an introduction to basic MLA citation style; further examples are found in the MLA Handbook and at the MLA Style Center.

Choose one of the tabs above to learn about citing specific types of resources.

MLA Edition

Examples in this guide are based on:

MLA Handbook, 9th ed.

MLA, 2021.





Many citation sites that help students create bibliographies have not updated their information to include the recent changes to MLA style. If you're familiar with the 8th Edition and would like a quick overview of the 9th edition, see What's New in the Ninth Edition from the MLA Style Center.

Additional MLA Resources

Need to cite a different type of source than that basics that are covered here? The following links go to other trusted sites on MLA.

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