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Metadata Resources @ BGSU: Home

What this guide can do for you

This guide will give you:

  • an introduction to metadata, including definitions and examples
  • an explanation of Dublin Core metadata and core elements at BGSU
  • resources on the web for additional information
  • contact information for metadata resource people

What do you use metadata for?

Metadata is used to find and describe digital objects in a digital collection.  Metadata elements are like the fields in an online library catalog, and much like an online catalog can be used to retrieve information from databases, like the DRC.

What is metadata?

It's data about data.  More specifically, metadata is a vocabulary that consists of elements or tags that are used to describe a variety of materials including: books, web pages, journal articles, data sets, images, digital exhibitions, and physical objects.

Examples of everyday metadata:

  • tagging photos in Facebook or Flickr
  • naming MS Word files
  • giving a title to a Youtube video
  • library catalog record

Use this guide to assist you in brushing up on your metadata information or if you are new to the metadata world.