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Information about access to Kanopy films at BGSU.

Kanopy @ BGSU

Kanopy films are still available at BGSU, but access has changed.

On August 7, 2019 BGSU Libraries started mediating all new leases for Kanopy films using the Kanopy request form. We took this step in response to dramatically escalating costs, which have risen at an unsustainable rate since we started providing access to Kanopy in 2016. Going forward, you will need to make a request to access new Kanopy titles.

How do I know what Kanopy films we have access to now?

Best option: The Excel file linked below includes all active licenses for Kanopy films as of the file date, with their expiration dates:

We are in the process of adding records to the BGSU Libraries Catalog for all of these titles that include a link to the video, however, you will still need to check the list above to ascertain the expiration date. Because we purchase films year-round, a lease may suddenly expire in the middle of the semester.

By October 2019, you will be able to check Summon or the BGSU Libraries Catalog to see if we have access to a Kanopy film - if you find a record, it means we have it.

Second option: Check Kanopy – When you’re in Kanopy, if you can play a film, we have it! Before deciding to use a film in your class, check the spreadsheet linked above.

When you are doing a search or browsing in Kanopy, the films we have leased appear at the top, and the films you can request appear at the bottom of the page in a “videos you can request for your library” section.

What can I request from Kanopy?

BGSU Libraries will lease films requested by faculty or TAs that are assigned for course viewing and not already owned by BGSU. We may lease films for faculty research purposes if there is no DVD is available for purchase - faculty wishing to view a Kanopy film in conjunction with their research or teaching outside of assigned course viewing should fill out a request form and include more information in the notes field. We will not lease films for recreational or general viewing. We will also not lease films we already own on DVD. 

Where possible, we ask you to consider using free streaming media options or DVDs. If a film is owned on DVD by BGSU, we can make it available as a streaming reserve item on Avalon. Access on Avalon will be limited to students enrolled in the specific course for which it is required.

Why do you keep saying lease?

We don’t actually buy a film through Kanopy: we buy a one-year lease for the film. After the lease is up, we lose all access to the film unless we buy another lease.

How do I request a lease for a new Kanopy film?

If you click on a film title in Kanopy and see the request form, it means we don’t currently have access. Fill out the request form and it will be sent to a library staff member to process. Requests will be processed M-F only. You will receive a response to your request within 24 hours. If your request is approved, you can expect to have access to the film you requested in 48 hours, excluding weekends and holidays. 

In your request message, please include the course name and number for which you will use the film OR if you need the film for academic research purposes.

What happens after I make the request? How long will it take to get the film?

The request form is sent automatically to library staff. They will double-check that the requestor is a faculty member or TA and make sure we don’t already own the title. After that, they will complete the lease in Kanopy. It will take up to one working day for the order to be processed and up to one more for the film to be available. If you make a request on the weekend or after 5pm, it will not be ordered until the next working day.

You will receive an email after the request to lease a film has been made, at which time you may return to Kanopy and search for the film. It may take up to 24 hours for the film to become available. It will be added to the BGSU Libraries Catalog shortly after that.

What if we have a film but the lease expires before I want to use it?

You have two options:

1. Let us know ahead of time. We can purchase another lease in advance and have it start on a day of your choosing. Just email to let us know. Don’t forget to include your course information, lease length, and when you’d like the new lease to start.

2. Wait until the first lease expires and put in a request at that time.

I still have questions…

Email, and we’ll be in touch!