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Installation instructions for off-campus and wireless bookmarklet for journal and database access



To install JournalPass, drag the icon above to your browser bookmark bar.

Using JournalPass

Use case #1: You are at home, reading an email from a colleague at another institution. She has included a link to an article on a publisher's website. You click on the link, and find that it is a restricted subscription item. Rather than copying the citation information, navigating to the library home page, and pasting or typing the citation information into one of the library databases or into Summon, simply click on the JournalPass bookmarklet which will prompt you to authenticate with your BGSU login credentials and then redirect you to the article.

Use case #2: You are at home, searching in Google Scholar, Google, or some other search engine and find an article or subscription resource of interest to you. Instead of starting over again with the citation in the library databases, click on the JournalPass bookmarklet which will prompt you to authenticate with your BGSU login credentials and then redirect you to the subscription resource.

Note: BGSU Libraries must have a subscription to the journal or database in question.

Installing & Troubleshooting

What is JournalPass?

JournalPass is our off-campus/wireless bookmarklet for your browser that allows you to connect to journals and databases without having to start at the library web site.

If you are off-campus and a journal asks you for a login to access full text, just click on the JournalPass bookmarklet that you’ve previously installed. JournalPass will redirect you so you can log in with your BGSU username and password, then pass you through to the full text of the article or resource.

Questions or feedback? Use Ask Us! for help.

Installing on a Mac or PC:

JournalPass Icon


Firefox: Grab the JournalPass icon and drag it to the bookmark bar

Chrome: Grab the JournalPass icon and drag it to the bookmark toolbar (it must be visible, use ctrl-shift-b to enable it)

Internet Explorer: right-click the JournalPass icon and "add to favorites"

Safari: Grab the JournalPass icon and drag it to the bookmark bar

Installing on a iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch:

1. Make sure that you have turned on "Always Show Bookmarks Bar" in Settings>>Safari on your device.

2. Use the copy function on your device to copy the entire text in the box below: 

3. Bookmark this page using the Add Bookmark button on Safari.

4. Edit the bookmark using the "Bookmarks Bar" option in the Bookmarks menu. In edit mode, delete the URL under the name and paste the javascript code that you copied above.

Edit Bookmark screen with the URL field highlighted: paste code here

When you are done, JournalPass should show in the Safari Bookmarks bar under the toolbar.


Common things that go wrong: you get a message saying "To allow [url] to be used in a starting point URL, your EZproxy administrator must first authorize the hostname of this URL in the config.txt file."

  1. Are you on-campus? If so, the URL won't work. It only works under conditions when you normally would have to log in as an off-campus user. On campus, for almost all resources, you should just be able to click on the artice or journal link and be seamlessly connected.
  2. If we don't actually have a subscription to the article/journal/database in question, it also won't work! 
  3. If those two scenarios aren't the problem, please contact John Kloor or use Ask Us! for help.

JournalPass was created by Dave Widmer, University Libraries.

JournalPass was last updated November 17, 2017.