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Common Reading 2016-17

Welcome to BGSU’s 2016-2017 Common Reading LibGuide!  This site has been designed to enhance understanding, critical thinking and discussion of this year's common reading selection.  As you explore the site, you will find interviews, videos, activities, resources, and other helpful information.

BGSU’s 2016-2017 Common Experience Theme:  Bowling Green State University has established a tradition of selecting a book each year that is read and discussed throughout the campus community, and during the past few years those selections have been based upon a given theme.  The university’s theme for the coming year is “In the Spirit of Innovation.”    

2016-2017 Common Reading Selection:  To address this theme, A More Beautiful Question: The Power of Inquiry to Spark Breakthrough Ideas by Warren Berger (Bloomsbury 2014) has been selected as BGSU’s Common Reading for 2016-2017. A More Beautiful Question draws upon the knowledge of educators, industrial innovators, business leaders, and researchers across multiple disciplines to reveal the power of inquiry.  Along the way, Berger offers inspiring stories, a system for formulating and asking excellent questions, and topics of discussion that are approachable by both instructors and students.  

Common Reading Requirement: First-year, full-time students are being asked to read the book during the summer, prior to their first semester at BGSU, and all members of the campus community are invited to participate as well.

Author Visit:  Common Reading author Warren Berger will be visiting campus October 25 and 26, 2016, ending the visit with a presentation in the BTSU Ballroom on the evening of October 26.




The content and design for this guide were developed by Marshall Saenz.