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HIST 4224: United States and the World: The Cold War Era: Congressional Resources

This guide is a compilation of library and Internet resources that should be useful for researching the Cold War Era.

Congressional Hearings

Places to look for Congressional hearings and committee prints:

Looking for More Information About Congressional Resources?

ProQuest Congressional Publications 1789-present

ProQuest Congressional Publications includes the following types of full text documents:

Serial Set, 1789-present

The published working papers of Congress. It includes thousands of House and Senate reports, State of the Union messages, Congressional journals, selected hearings, high-resolution maps, and more.


Congressional hearings, 1980-2010

All published and many unpublished hearings from all Congressional committees.


Congressional Record and precursors, 1789-present

The published proceedings of activities on the floor of Congress.


Some Congressional Committees With Foreign Policy Interests

House. Committee on Foreign Affairs  (Y 4. F 76/1:)

Senate. Committee on Foreign Relations (Y 4.F 76/2:)

House. Committee on International Relations (Y4. In8/16:)

Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe (Y 4.SE 2:)