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This research guide aims to define food insecurity and introduce closely related concepts at the local, national, and global levels. Use the tabs across the top of the guide to navigate.

Compiled by BGSU Librarians Vera Lux, Edith Scarletto, and Maureen Barry.

What is Food Insecurity?

Keywords/Related Concepts

Terms & Definitions


Government Agencies

Advocacy/Policy Organizations

USDA US Food Security by State 2020

USDA Food Security by State 2018-20 map of us with color coding

Voices of Food Insecurity



Government Agencies

Policy/Advocacy Organizations

Background and Context

USDA U.S. Food Insecurity 2020

Pie chart of US food insecurity 2020 by USDA

Community Organizing


Intergovernmental Organizations

UN World Food Insecurity

Global Food Insecurity

Voices of Food Insecurity

Policy/Advocacy Organizations

BGSU Researchers

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ScholarWorks Projects on Food Insecurity

Recently published peer-reviewed research articles

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Books on Food Insecurity and Related Topics