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Pop the Music Bubble: S1 E2: J-Pop

Globalizing Asian Pop Music


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Episode Summary

This episode will seek to answer a compilation of questions. First, we’ll address the question of Westernization. What is it and why is it important? How is it different from globalization? Next, how did World War II impact the popular music we hear today? How did the development of recording technology contribute to globalization? After defining westernization, we’ll discuss some of the results heard in Japanese popular music. The main goal here is to place Japanese popular music in a historical and globalized context.  

This episode will take a closer inspection of the globalization and westernization, a specific category of globalization, in Japanese popular music. We’ll look at how popular music in Japan, also known as J-pop, has helped to shape culture and contextualize J-pop as it relates to the Second World War and the American occupation, recording technology advances, and cultural developments. We’ll see how politics played a role in the music. Then there’ll be a section looking at how the digital age paved the way for popular music culture and anime to merge. Lastly, we’ll listen to different genres popular in the Japanese musical scene.  

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Pop the Music Bubble



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