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Pop the Music Bubble: S1 E1: Introduction

Globalizing Asian Pop Music


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Episode Summary

On this episode, we will answer a few important questions. First, what exactly does the term "popular" even mean? Then, we'll look at Globalization. How do cultures from one nation impact and affect other nations across the world? We'll consider differences and similarities in how pop culture works in Asian and Western countries, and how economic conditions contribute to its international spreads. How do the music industries differ and connect in a global arena? How does music contribute to nationalistic ideals or convey resistance?

To answer these questions, we'll visit several different places in Asia and hear their music. The first discussion will compare the music industry and government regulations between the West and Asia taking a visit Thailand to learn about the Grammy music company. Next, we'll visit China and take a look at nationalism in music and its relation to global influence. Looking at resistance, we'll visit Singapore's school system. Next, Japan's animation, interaction with the West, and integration into television programs opened doors to spreading one culture to another. Finally, we'll look at Korean popular music in the West as an economic boost for the Asian country.


Pop the Music Bubble



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This podcast was written and performed by Monica Yost as an independent study project in the winter session of 2019. Monica also designed the LibGuide and gathered the sources shared here.