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Institute for the Study of Culture and Society: Dr. Arne Spohr (2018-2019)

Dr. Arne Spohr

Arne SpohrDr. Arne Spohr is an Associate Professor of Musicology at Bowling Green State University where he teaches courses in music history and directs the BGSU Early Music Ensemble. Spohr’s research focuses on musical issues of cultural exchange and court culture in Britain, Germany, and Scandinavia between 1500 and 1750. In his research project entitled “Forgotten Voices: Rediscovering Europe's Black Musical Past,” Dr. Spohr sheds light on the lived experiences and musical contributions of Black composers and performers in Europe between 1450 and 1800.


Jordi Savall, conductor and violist, presented a tribute in memoriam of victims of the slave trade. Savall and his large array of guest performers explore three music styles from three continents that where all involved in slave trade. Historical text on slavery accompany the orchestra beginning with entries from as far back as 1444 all the way up to texts written by Martin Luther King Jr. The goal of the tribute was to pay homage to victims of slavery, explore different music styles, reveal attitudes aimed towards Africans in other continents, and to celebrate hope.

Anthropologist Miguel Ángel Rosales, shed light on the forgotten African inspiration that has heavily influenced Spanish culture in this documentary trailer.
A documentary exploring the triumphant yet tragic life of one of Europe’s first Black violinists and composers, Josephy Bologne, Chevalier de Saint George.
The South African Chamber orchestra called Buskaid performs the first movement of the Symphonie Concertante in G Major by Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de Saint Georges (1745-1799).
18th and 19th century scholars whitewashed Roman and Greek sculptures to support their white ideology.

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