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Institute for the Study of Culture and Society: Dylan Miner (2017-2018)

Tuesday, February 13, 2018 | 5:30 p.m. | Wood County District Public Library Atrium

Dylan MinerDylan Miner, a Wiisaakodewinini (Métis) artist featured in over twenty solo exhibitions and adjunct curator of Indigenous art at the Michigan State University Museum, is the founder of the Justseeds artists collective and a board member of the Michigan Indian Education Council. He recently commenced the Bootaagaani-mini ∞ Drummond Island Land Reclamation Project, a decolonial initiative to acquire land and establish a Wiisaakodewininiwag cultural centre for Métis whose ancestors were forced to leave the island following the War of 1812. Miner's book Creating Azatlán: Chicano Art, Indigenous Sovereignty, and Lowriding Across Turtle Island, employs Indigenous and Native American methodologies to show that Chicano art needs to be understood in the context of Indigenous history, anticolonial struggle, and Native American Studies.

“ ‘Native Kids Ride Bikes’ Border Cultures”

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