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Chicago Manual of Style: Citing a Newspaper Article

This guide provides basic information on the citation formats used in the Chicago Manual of Style. More detailed information is available in the print copies of the Chicago Manual of Style as referenced on the Home page of this LibGuide.

Basic Newspaper Article Citation


    1. Author's first name Author's last name, "Title of Article," Title of newspaper, Date, URL or, if available, doi.



Author's last name, Author's first name. "Title of article." Title of newspaper, Date. URL or, if available, doi.


NOTE: The edition may be added after the date (such as Midwest edition). The section number or name of the section may also be given. Because page numbers may vary from one edition to another, the page(s) are frequently omitted.

NOTE: If the headline is given in all capital letters, it should be written in a combination of upper and lower case letters For instance, a headline of "WAR IN EUROPE" would be written as "War in Europe."

Example Newspaper Article Citation, One Author


    34. Daniel Drolet, "The Histories of Canada; Different Regions Make for Different Views of Canada's Past," Ottawa Citizen, February 22, 1992. Final edition,



Drolet, Daniel. "The Histories of Canada; Different Regions Make for Different Views of Canada's Past." Ottawa Citizen, February 22, 1992. Final edition.

Example Newspaper Article Citation, No Author


    46. "The History of Negro Spirituals," Sacramento (CA) Observer, October 24, 1968,



Sacramento (CA) Observer. "The History of Negro Spirituals." October 24, 1968.

NOTE: When there is no author, the title of the newspaper is used in the place of the author.

Example Newspaper Article Citation, With Place of Publication Added


    5. "History-Making U.N. Session," Memphis (TN) Tri-State Defender, September 26, 1959,



Memphis (TN) Tri-State Defender. "History-Making U.N. Session." September 26, 1959.


NOTE: The title of this newspaper is the Tri-State Defender, but the place of publication is added at the front of the newspaper and italicized with the title of the newspaper.

Example Newspaper Letter to the Editor Citation


    63. James W. Schmotter, letter to the editor, New York Times, June 26, 1988,



Schmotter, James W. letter to the editor. New York Times, June 26, 1988.

NOTE: A letter to the editor isn't given a title, but is simply listed as a letter to the editor.