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POLS 4450: Race and Ethnic Politics: Using the Census

Using the Census

1990 Census on Population and Housing

Census Documentation

PolicyMap (2000, 2010)

Policy Map Reports

To pull reports from PolicyMap, click on the REPORTS tab.

Enter your location in the PRE-DEFINED location search.  That will pull up a map of your selected location.  

At the top right, click the GENERATE REPORT button. Locate the RACIAL CHARACTERISTICS section.

Repeat as needed.

Mapping the Percent Change Between 2000-2010 in the Non-White Population

Video directions (text directions also available below)

Text Directions:

1. Go to PolicyMap

2. Locate your Geography

3. Select Demographics

4. Select Race

5. Select Non-White

6. Your map will be updated. Change the year to 2010.

7. Change the Percent to Percent Change

8. Adjust your colors and ranges as desired

9. Select Print and download as an image or PDF. 

10. Repeat as necessary.