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ARTH 3650/4650/5650: Histories of Photography/Photographic Theory: Artists' CVs and Bios

Artists' Biographies

You're also supposed to include a current CV for your artist (if contemporary) or create one for an older artist. How?

Contemporary artists
Living or recently deceased artists: search Google to see if you can find the artist's website easily. Sometimes you can.

The artist Clarina Bezzola's personal website comes up first in a Google search for her name

Often you cannot:

If you Google Kara Walker's name, her personal website is not the first result. It is farther down on the list, and does not include a CV you can download.

If you can't find this information using Google, go to Artnet, a free directory of artists and galleries. Search for your artist to see works for sale at galleries. Google the gallery selling the artist's work to find a CV for the artist, or contact that gallery to obtain it.

After doing a search in Artnet, click 'Artists/Manufacturers' to see the artist's home page on Artnet, which will contain a brief biography. Look at the galleries listed as currently selling the artist's work, then Google one to visit its home page. Find the artist's CV there, or contact the gallery to get it, ArtNet search


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