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ARTH 3150: Etruscan and Roman Art: Roman Mosaics

Keyword example: Mosaic with Bacchus

Mosaic with Imago Clipeata (Framed Portrait) of Bacchus with keywords: Features: portrait/framed portrait, Imago Clipeata, Laurel wreath, People: Bacchus, God of Wine, Deity, Location: Tunisia, North Africa, Object Type: Mosaic, Ornament, Domestic Architecture, Tile, floor/wall decoration

Online exhibitions

Mosaics at the J. Paul Getty Museum

Rabbit Mosaic at the J. Paul Getty Museum

The exhibition Roman Mosaics Across the Empire at the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles includes free downloads for its collection catalog and gallery text.

Zeugma Mosaics

Zeugma Mosaics

An online gallery of the mosaics rescued from the ancient city of Zeugma in Turkey in 2000, including an animated tour of the 14-room villa that housed them. The mosaics embedded in the floor in BGSU's Wolfe Center are from the same site.

Books at BGSU

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