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WRIT 1120: Seminar in Research Writing: Instructor Resources

Embed LibGuides into Canvas

We have a newly available Canvas application that allows you to embed a librarian-created LibGuide (course or subject specific library guide) within the Canvas framework.  See how to add LibGuides to a Canvas Course below. To view the list of current LibGuides at BGSU, go to:  BGSU LibGuides.  

This LibGuide application for Canvas is the newest of many ways to embed customized library content into your courses.  To find out more, visit  The process is easy, and if you any questions, please contact Rob Snyder at 2-9442 or for assistance.

Finding sources lesson

If you're looking to teach your students about how to research their topics, we suggest starting with the "Search Strategies" video under the "Search Strategies" tab in this libguide. Then, take a look at the lesson plan and worksheet we've provided below to put those search strategies into practice in the classroom.

Evaluating sources lesson

Use this lesson and worksheet in conjunction with the "Evaluating Sources" tab in this libguide to teach your students how to evaluate their sources for credibility. 

Library quizzes

The library offers a variety of quizzes on MLA, APA, general library knowledge, and other subjects that you can use to test your students' knowledge. If you have questions on how to set up the quizzes, contact Rob Snyder at 

Library scavenger hunts

Use these lessons to help your students get to know the physical library as well as the library's website. 

Academic honesty lesson

Use this lesson, in conjunction with the video in the "Avoiding plagiarism by finding your voice" box to the left to talk about plagiarism with your students. The video includes information on plagiarism, in-text citations and works cited citations, when to cite, the difference between paraphrasing and plagiarizing, introducing sources, and how to summarize without plagiarizing. 

Further resources

Check out the database ProQuest Research Companion. It has a lot of helpful videos about the research process that you may want to show your students throughout the semester.