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WRIT 1120: Seminar in Research Writing: Getting Specific with Research

What's up on this page

Remember that the more specific you are with your research, the better the search results will be for you. One way to get specific with your research is to be more specific about where you are conducting this research. This page is a wonderful resource for you as you are looking to get specific with your own searching. And remember that you can always ask a librarian for help if you need it. 

There are tips here on searching in:

  • encyclopedias
  • newspapers
  • government documents
  • videos
  • statistics
  • specialized databases 

Finding Encyclopedias

(A note about Wikipedia: While it's not a good idea to cite Wikipedia as a source, it is a great starting point, especially if you focus on the references, see also, and external link sections to find more scholarly information about the topic.)

Finding Newspaper Articles

Finding Government Documents/Agencies

Finding Videos

Finding Statistics

More Specialized Library Research Databases

You may need to use a more specialized article database depending on how discipline-specific your topic is. For example, if you select a topic that has something to do with teacher compensation at charter schools, you would need to use an education database that has more in-depth coverage than what Academic Search Complete provides. Below is a list of links to a wide range of more discipline-specific databases to explore, and you can also browse our Databases by Subject page.