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Preserve Your Personal Heritage: Uploading Images to your Computer from Digital Devices

Library of Congress Handout

The Library of Congress offers several handouts on digital preservation.   Their handout regarding uploading images from your digital camera is here.

Uploading images from you cell phone is very similar.  

  • Many cell phones now have microchips that can be taken out of your phone and plugged into your computer to upload images.  
  • If your cell phone does not have a microchip or you do not know how to find it, you can also connect your cell phone to you computer using a USB port.  If this is the case follow the directions in the digital camera handout to upload your photos.
  • You can also take your cell phone and a USB flash drive to a photo development store and see if they can upload the images onto the flash drive for you.
  • If your phone has the internet, you can email the photographs to yourself (Be careful of data loss, however!).